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His Workmanship offers landscaping services and yard work near you. Click on the green service titles below to learn more about each landscape service we provide. Our rates start at $100 per hour for 2 workers. Learn how to receive a $20 discount during the final step of the contact form.
Do you have garden beds that are completely overridden with weeds? Don’t worry, we love pulling weeds and doing garden cleanup. Our trained gardeners know the difference between a weed and a plant so we will be sure to preserve your beautiful garden.
Do you need some hostas transplanted? How about new flowers and perennials to plant in the spring or fall? We’ve got you covered! Sit back and relax while our gardeners get down and dirty to get your planting project done.
Do your bushes need some trimming? Perhaps your hedges need a haircut. No problem. His Workmanship can help! Our workers will arrive with trimmers and loppers to remove all the excess growth off your shrubs. We find great joy in pruning your hedges.
Do you need trenching for a sprinkler system? How about regrading the yard because of a water drainage problem? Perhaps you need a french drain installed or just some good old fashioned digging to remove bush root ball. Our college students will bring shovels and a loppers and come ready to be your digging helpers.
Is your yard full of leaves? Why bend over yourself when you can hire us to do it for you? We can bring leaf blowers and rakes to do your spring or fall clean up. Our workers are prepared to break our backs to complete your leaf removal project. We are the lawn raking service you’ve been looking for.
We specialize in paver and plastic edging. You provide the edging materials; we’ll bring everything needed to separate your grass from your garden beds. We can get that border edging installed for you in no time.
You provide the rolls of sod and we will bring the tools necessary to do the installation. We will get those rolls of grass on your lawn in no time. Sod replacement and resodding lawns is one of our most satisfying projects to do.
Our workers know the most efficient way to install your mulch, whether it’s in bags or in a pile. We can help you order the right amount of wood chips. We are your #1 mulch spreading company and we do it really fast. There are many benefits to installing mulch in your garden beds and along your house.
Our workers know the most efficient way to install landscape rock. Installing stone and hauling gravel can be a heavy task, but you can relax while we break our backs doing your river rock installation project. It usually takes around 1 hour for 2 workers to install 2 cubic yard of standard size river rock.
Our workers know the most efficient way to remove landscape rock. We’ve literally done this hundreds of times. We are the most well-known rock hauling company in the Midwest.
His Workmanship is very experienced with clearing buckthorn. We specialize in the elimination and prevention of buckthorn. We can dig out the small ones and use a loppers for the bigger ones. Our crew can use herbicide on the stems after we cut them down. Hauling away the brush is an option too!
While we are not professional hardscapers, we do still have some experience with the basics of building a retaining wall. The ideal situation is for us to offer the heavy labor assistance while the customer directs the crew on what to do.

Let’s be honest, hardscape work can be a pain to do by yourself. Perhaps you know what to do but lack the muscle to compact the gravel or wheelbarrow the pavers. If so, then you’ve found the patio installation help you’ve been looking for.

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