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His Workmanship offers weed pulling services. We will bring spade shovels to dig out bigger weeds and trowels to remove smaller weeds. Our rates start at $90 per hour for 2 gardeners. New customers can read Ephesians 2:1-10 to receive a $20 discount. Details are on the final step of the contact form.

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Have your landscape beds been overrun by thistles and other weeds? Are you tired of bending over to pull out the weeds by hand? Looking to hire a weed removal service this time around? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Our network of gardeners know the most efficient way to pull weeds out of your garden beds. Watch the video below to learn about our process for removing weeds.

His Workmanship arranges landscaping labor in Milwaukee

Our platform of college landscapers can help improve your yard anywhere in our Milwaukee demographic. The landscapers have completed all sorts of yard tasks in Menomonee Falls and Waukesha. We can help schedule big or small landscaping projects in neighborhoods like West Allis and Oak Creek.

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“This is the third time I have used His Workmanship. What made His Workmanship catch my eye is the Christian mission. I’ve had the crew out here to do a fairly large project for a new rosebed and they’ve been very hard workers and made the job a breeze. I would definitely recommend His Workmanship for landscaping projects.” – Mark
His Workmanship
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Very prompt on time and completed work to satisfaction
The crew arrived on time, very friendly and professional, and understood what I wanted. I have more work remaining and I will hire them again to complete. I highly recommend.
Gavin and Owen were right on time and very friendly. They did all the work asked in the time requested. They did this all in the pouring rain, and never stopped. They asked questions as they went and made all adjustments requested. Great work and highly recommend.
Friendly and efficient. Did a great job from start to finish.
I would recommend this service to anyone for sure! The college students were wonderful in every way, got what I needed done in quite expediently, and when left with more time, they went on to a few other jobs I had around the yard. Superior experience all around. 🙂
Highly recommend Workmanship to help clean up your garden and flower beds! Excellent service, attitude and care for meeting your needs. Eric is extremely prompt with response and Matt along with his partner worked hard to complete an overwhelming project I couldn’t personally accomplish. The best compliment I can give is, I’ll be hiring them for return visit.
Adrian and Tanner worked hard and got everything done that I asked.
Very polite. Very professional.
His Workmanship crew was very prompt, thorough, and cooperative. Very happy with the work they did - will hire them again!
We were so pleased with the quality of the work , we have asked them back to do more work !
This is the 2nd time I have had His Workmanship crew out, and the 2nd time they did a wonderful job weeding and cutting - very happy! Very polite and very thorough. I have a larger yard than I thought! Thanks again!
The guys pulled weeds and totally cleaned out my flower bed on my patio. Very good job, and fast.
Arrived on time, communication with the crew was clear, and they accomplished everything contracted in the time expected. Will use again for next project.
This is a great little company to work with! From scheduling to the completion, all His Workmanship employees are kind, courteous and the utmost professional. I will definitely be calling on them to help with more projects. They arrived on the scheduled day and time and worked like they were working on their own homes.GREAT experience! I highly recommend His Workmanship!
We were so pleased with this company and the workers that came to our house!!! All around 5 stars!!!
Amazing team, amazing communication, and a stellar job done by all. I can’t say enough good things about working with His Workmanship. Communication with Eric was exceptional. He promptly responded to our request for quote, followed up by scheduling our job within a week, and never left us hanging or wondering about our job status. We had a team of 4 guys for 8 hours to clean up a completely overgrown and out-of-control property. The team arrived promptly, listened carefully, and did everything that was asked of them. They worked well together as a group and individually. It was hot, and we had so many bushes, trees, and shrubs that needed to be removed as well as lots of weeding and mulching. They worked steadily from 9am until 5pm, and cleaned up nicely before they left. Highly recommend this company!
This company is professional and very prompt to respond and super nice guys as well. They did a great job with weeding and edging our beds. Will be doing business with them again!
The workers arrived promptly & immediately began what I had hired them to do. They worked efficiently & cleaned up after they were done.
The guys did an excellent job and finished weeding and mulching faster than expected! Would 100% hire again. 🙂
Cleanup of last year’s garden and completion of all the new planting accomplished in one visit by two very nice people. I strongly recommend this service.

Ready to inquire about pulling weeds in Milwaukee?

Frequently Asked Questions

Most weeding companies and gardening services charge by the hour, not by the bid. Hourly rates tend to range from $30 – $50 per hour per person. It’ll be on the higher end if the garden is on hilly terrain or if the weeds require heavy digging to remove. On the flip side, prices will be lower if the weeds are small (like thistles) and the ground surface is flat. A thorough weeding of an overgrown garden that’s medium-sized will range from $250 – $350. Larger gardens can cost between $350 – $500 to clear out. Since weeding gardens is a recurring service that requires several visits per year, you could possibly get a better deal if you commit to being a repeat customer. For further reading, check out our blog How Much Does a Gardener Cost in 2024?
The most efficient way to keep weeds from sprouting up in the first place is by laying down a weed barrier. Garden weed control mats are designed to allow water and air to seep through, but to block the sunlight which prevents new weed growth. In this way, your garden plants can thrive without being choked out by weeds. Weed barrier can be high quality and cost more or it can be low quality and cost less. I recommend making the investment in your garden by purchasing the heavy duty weed barrier. It’s simply not worth getting the cheap stuff, only to have weeds start growing through the fabric or directly on top of the fabric.
While it may be tempting to lay barrier over the weeds, it’s cutting a corner so I don’t recommend it. Why? Because weeds will make the fabric harder to lay flat since the ground will be bumpy. This will make the fabric installation process much more challenging. (More on installing weed barrier in the question below.) Plus, there is no guarantee that the garden fabric will suffocate and kill the weeds. If the weeds have a deep root system and some light and water happens to sneak through the black fabric, then the weeds may grow straight through the mat blocker. In sum, give yourself a blank slate to work with prior to laying down garden fabric.
You will need the follow items: a utility knife, landscape staples, and a hammer (or rubber mallet). Make sure your garden bed is cleared of all weeds and has only dirt. Lay one strip of fabric and staple down the outside corners. Then lay another strip that has 3-4 inches of overlap with the first strip. Staple down the overlapping part so you secure both strips with one staple. This strategy will cut in half the number of staples you need to use. Long strips are better than shorter ones. For further reflections on weed barrier, read my article which proposes 4 Steps for Getting Rid of Weeds.
It’s not easy to install weed barrier if your garden is already fully stocked with plants. So you’ll need a second person to help. Be sure to wait for a calm day with no wind. Begin by stapling one side of the fabric strip in the ground and have one person hold the other side. They should pull it tight so there’s no slack. The other person should use a utility knife to cut an X shape where the current plants are located. Make the incision just big enough for the plant. Once the cuts are made, lay the fabric down on the ground and fold the flaps underneath the fabric strip. If you don’t want to fold the extra fabric underneath, then you can cut the excess fabric with your utility knife. Repeat this process until your whole garden bed is covered with the protective weed mat. For a more comprehensive answer, read our blog titled How to Install Landscape Fabric for Weed Control.
Most weed killers are designed to evaporate within 2-3 days. So it’s safe to plant in your garden 4-5 days after spraying weed killer. If you want to be extra cautious, you should wait 1-2 weeks. That said, the glyphosate contained in weed killer will harm and probably destroy your plants if direct contact is made with any part of the plant. So you should avoid spraying herbicide within 1-2 feet of your plants, especially because the soil soaks up and spreads the toxins in weed killer. For an organic alternative, you could try mixing together the following ingredients: vineager, salt and dish soap. This natural approach can be an effective tool against weed growth, though not as reliable as store bought weed killer concentrate.
You want to avoid spraying large quantities of weed killer over a wide area of garden space. Instead, you should use precision by getting the spray nozzle very close to the weed you want dead. Within 1-2 inches is best. Then spray the weed with 2-3 squirts so that it’s fully saturated. You should aim for the bottom of the weed so the chemicals get as close to the root system as possible. Think of your spray bottle as a sniper not a buckshot. For this same reason, you don’t want to spray on a windy day lest you run the risk of killing your precious plants and flowers. For more tips on what not to do, read my blog 11 Things to Avoid When Removing Weeds.
Garden clean up is best done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Regular and consistent flower bed maintenance is important. Why? Because baby weeds have yet to establish a secure root system whereas adult weeds are firmly rooted in the ground. So it’ll be much easier to pull out weeds when they are young than when they are old. That said, you can get away with weed control on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. However, with intervals this long, you should be prepared to spend more time clearing the garden and more effort digging out the weeds. A trowel may not be good enough. You might need a spade shovel to get the job done.
It depends on what kind of weeds are in your garden. If you are pruning roses or removing thistles, then sturdy work gloves will be helpful to keep you from getting pricked by the thorns. Gloves will also protect your hands if you’re applying chemicals to kill the weeds. But if your garden doesn’t have prickly weeds and you don’t plan to use herbicide, then you should be safe to pull weeds barehanded. Some gardeners get a sense of satisfaction when they get their hands dirty. I’m not exactly sure why but perhaps it has to do with a feeling of accomplishment.
It might be tempting to just cut the tops off the weeds but this should be avoided. Why? Because the weeds just grow right back within weeks. Instead, you should use a small hand shovel, called a trowel, to dig out the weeds by the roots. If it rained the day before, then you might even be able to pull the weeds out by hand since rain water loosens up the roots. One advantage of pulling weeds with bare hands is that you’re able to get a better grip on the bottom stem, which increases the likelihood that the entire root system comes up with the weed itself.
For the DIY enthusiasts, I hope the above FAQ offers some insights that serve to motivate you to reclaim your green thumb by getting down and dirty weeding gardens. However, for those less ambitious folk, you’re not alone if the thought of weed removal isn’t your idea of a good time. Saving up some extra money to hire a garden weeding service is your best option. If you do decide to hire someone to pull weeds and offer flower bed cleaning services, then you should read our article 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Weed Control Services. Once you’ve done so, feel free to click here to get a free estimate on your garden weeding project.

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