Terms of Use


The following terms of service (the “Terms”) constitute a legally binding agreement between you (also referred to below as “User”) and His Workmanship LLC. (“His Workmanship”). These Terms govern your access to and/or use of His Workmanship’s website at https://hisworkmanshiplabor.com (“Website”). These Terms also govern any services that you may receive through the His Workmanship Platform, including, but not limited to, any services that you may receive from His Workmanship, or the Third Party Providers (defined below).
1a. Accepting these Terms. Please read these Terms carefully before accessing or using the His Workmanship Platform, including, but not limited to, before placing any order with His Workmanship for labor services such as landscaping services, moving services, and/or any other services that may be offered through the His Workmanship Platform (collectively, the “Services”). By accessing or using the His Workmanship Platform, you agree to be bound by these Terms, including, but not limited to, provisions that govern any claim you may have for property damages, provisions that limit His Workmanship’s liability, and provisions that require individual arbitration of any potential legal dispute between you and His Workmanship. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the His Workmanship Platform or receive any Services.
1b. Modifications to Terms. His Workmanship reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. His Workmanship encourages you to review these Terms periodically to stay informed about His Workmanship’s practices, and you should always review these Terms before placing any order for Services. Unless His Workmanship notifies you otherwise, whenever His Workmanship makes changes to these Terms, they will be effective when the revised Terms are posted online or otherwise provided for your review. If you continue to use any His Workmanship Platform after the revised Terms have been posted or otherwise provided for your review, including, but not limited to, by placing an order for Services with His Workmanship, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes to these Terms and will be bound by the revised Terms. In the event that you have placed an order for Services prior to the effective date of a change to these Terms, your order will be bound by the Terms in effect on the date that you placed an order for Services.


2a. About His Workmanship and the Company’s Services. His Workmanship is a communications company that matches individuals who are seeking local, regional, and other labor services, or services related to landscaping and moving, with independent third party service providers capable of providing landscaping and moving or other help services, (each individual or company with whom His Workmanship matches with you to provide the requested Services is referred to herein as a “Third Party Provider”). **His Workmanship does NOT provide moving or landscaping services.** His Workmanship is a neutral broker and referral and booking service that connects and matches you, a “User” of the His Workmanship Platform, with Third Party Providers of the Services.
By using the His Workmanship Platform to order Services, you acknowledge and agree that you are requesting that His Workmanship provide you with referral/booking services only and that His Workmanship should request and schedule the Services with Third Party Providers on your behalf. You further acknowledge and agree that when His Workmanship arranges for a Third Party Provider to perform landscaping or moving services, His Workmanship is acting in its capacity as a neutral broker or booking agent. You further acknowledge that you obtain all Services from Third Party Providers at your own risk.
2b. License. Subject to your compliance with these Terms, His Workmanship grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, and revocable license to access and use the His Workmanship Platform solely for their intended purposes, to place orders for Services or, in the case of any Third Party Provider using the His Workmanship Platform, to perform the Services.


3a. Placing an Order for Services. In order to place an order for Services, you must be at least 18 years of age and must provide His Workmanship with a valid e-mail address and phone number.
3b. Pricing. When placing an order for Services, you may receive an estimate of fees and costs. You understand and agree that all estimates are non-binding and are not intended to be a guarantee of your final costs. Your total charges may be affected by the information you provide to His Workmanship during the order process (including, but not limited to, any inaccurate information provided by you), the circumstances present on the day you receive the Services, and, with pay-as-you-go pricing, the speed of the Third Party Providers. You acknowledge and understand that your total charges may exceed the amount of any estimate given.
All prices are subject to change based on availability and other factors, such as demand and location. Any quoted rate may change until you place an order for Services. In addition, in the event that the circumstances of an order request are significantly different than as described during booking, your order may be cancelled, or you may be required to agree to a revised and/or amended estimate.
3c. Canceling an Order or Discontinuing Services. You may change or cancel an order for Services at any time, including changing the reservation date. However, modifications to an order may be subject to an increase or change in pricing, depending on availability and other factors submitted by you. Such changes may also be subject to an additional modification or cancellation fee. Order modifications and cancellations are subject to His Workmanship’s cancellation and reservation modification policies. Any and all changes to an order will continue to be governed by these Terms, and you acknowledge and agree to such Terms by placing a change or cancellation request.
You agree that you will not directly or indirectly solicit any Third Party Provider who has been matched by His Workmanship to perform, or who has already performed or begun performing, any portion of the Services on your behalf within a ninety (90) day period following a cancellation or cessation of Services unless His Workmanship has specifically arranged for such Third Party Providers to provide the Services on your behalf. For an avoidance of doubt, this means that you may not cancel an order (or stop an order, e.g., by asking Third Party Providers not to bill time through His Workmanship) for Services after Third Party Providers have arrived to complete the requested Services in order to pay Third Party Providers directly and avoid incurring charges through His Workmanship. In the event that you engage in such improper solicitation and contract interference, you will be liable to His Workmanship for the Charges for which you would have been billed had you not canceled your order for Services. You will also be liable for all reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by His Workmanship in pursuing and collecting such Charges or any attorney fees incurred as a result of unpaid Charges to His Workmanship.
3d. Text Messaging, E-Mails, and Phone Calls. You agree that His Workmanship and its subsidiaries and affiliates may contact you at any of the phone numbers or e-mail addresses that you provide, including, but not limited to, by email, text messages, and phone calls. Standard message and data rates may apply. You may opt-out of receiving communications. However, opting out of all communications may impact your receipt of the Services.