Landscaping Job in Grand Rapids

His Workmanship is now accepting new landscaping service providers. Scroll down to learn more about the onboarding process, benefits and qualifications, testimonial videos from service providers and customers, landscaping services offered, our mission statement and much more.

Great Money

Earn between $25 - $35 per hour,
paid directly to you after each job.

Flexible Schedule

Work weekends or weekdays,
whenever it fits your schedule.

Work with Friends

Recruit the buddies whom
you'd like to join your crew.

1. Create your own schedule and work anytime you want

Customize your work schedule with only the hours and days you want to work. Whether you want to make this a full-time career or a part-time labor gig, you get to be your own boss and make the choice.

2. We find the right clients and send them your way

You let us know what services you're able to perform, and we will do the advertising and marketing for you. A customer who fits your specified parameters can inquire about services through our website.

3. Get paid after each job directly from the customer

Since His Workmanship generates leads by matching you with customers, you'll be responsible for collecting and distributing payment. So you should have a variety of payment methods available.


Hear what a provider says

My name is Mike and this is my eighth summer since joining the His Workmanship network. I’ve been good friends with the owner ever since our college days. Our relationship has grown over the years and I felt very respected throughout the whole process. I can work when I want to work and I can take off however many days I need to rest. I would highly recommend for college students to get connected with the team at His Workmanship.

Hear what a customer says

“I heard about His Workmanship through a google search online and I’m so thankful that I did. Eric was quick to respond to my emails and got me on the schedule right away. I had a huge landscape project that ended up taking well over 100 hours of labor. Each of the crews showed up on time and worked very hard shoveling river rock. I would highly recommend His Workmanship.” – Candy

Pay per landscaping job

Hourly Rate
Travel Compensation

Connecting landscapers to serve Grand Rapids and beyond

Many of our clients reside in the Grand Rapids area. Some projects will lead to the accumulation of yard waste. Excess debris can be dumped at the City of Grand Rapids Yard Refuse which is north of the grand river off Butterworth Street SW. Otherwise, the customer may agree to provide brown paper yard waste bags which can be left by the curb for the city to dispose.

Designate your travel radius

Each service provider is able to specify the maximum distance they are willing to travel for jobs. But bear in mind, the further you’re willing to drive, the more opportunities you’ll have to work. Oh, and don’t forget, there will be adequate gas compensation for each job so the further you drive, the more you’ll be reimbursed for fuel.
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Highlights of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapid has hosted an annual Festival of the Arts in the area surrounding the sculpture, now known informally as “Calder Plaza”. Each October, the city celebrates Polish culture, historically based on the West side of town, with Pulaski Days. In mid-2004, the Grand Rapids Art Museum began construction. Grand Rapids is the home of John Ball Zoological Garden and the Gerald R. Ford Museum. Grand Rapids is home to the Van Andel Museum Center. The Grand Rapids Symphony, founded in 1930, is the largest performing arts organization in Grand Rapids.

His Workmanship is a Christian company

Our mission is to glorify God as we embody the gospel through our hard labor and our honest behavior. Our desire is to bring satisfaction to the customer as they seek to improve their property. We also desire to facilitate growth for students as they experience the business world from a Christian perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

The more experience you have with yard work the better but you can be onboarded with no landscaping experience at all. Moreover, experience doesn’t need to be working with a professional landscape company. It’s just as valuable if you’ve helped your parents maintain their yard by raking leaves, pulling weeds, trimming bushes or mowing the lawn. No yard service we offer is highly skilled so being in shape and knowing how to use a shovel are what we look for in a qualified contractor.
Pulling weeds and installing mulch tend to be customer favorites. Jobs that you’ll come by the least often are retaining walls and patios. Occasionally there will be sod installation but that’s not all that popular either. Don’t fret if you haven’t done these things before because the crew leader will provide guidance on best practices.
Since many jobs involve digging, spade shovels and gloves are the most utilized equipment. A shears for trimming bushes and a clippers for cutting branches will be helpful too. Occasionally the customer will allow you to borrow their tools, but that should not be expected. A good rule of thumb is: if you have a tool then bring it with you, just in case it may be needed.
The crew leader will pay your cut immediately after the job is done, prior to your departure from the job site. Sometimes this will be in cash, but often a P2P payment app will be used. So it’s important for you to have a smart phone and access to a variety of payment apps.
Since you are your own boss, you get to determine what jobs you claim based on your preferences. You can take into account the customers proximity to your location. For example, if you are only willing to drive 30 miles from your home, then that’s totally fine. A 5 mile maximum travel radius is acceptable too, however, bear in mind that the further you’re willing to travel, the more opportunities will be made available to you.
Each driver always gets at least $10 in gas reimbursement for each project. Even if a customer lives 5 miles away, you’ll still get $10 for travel compensation. The default is to charge the customer $10 in travel fees for each worker. However, when jobs are further away (such as 30+ miles) then the amount reimbursed goes up accordingly. If you carpool with other crew members, then the driver will get more gas money.
If you don’t have access to reliable transportation, then joining the His Workmanship network likely won’t be a good fit. However, in some instances it can work out, like if you have a roommate or friend nearby who joined His Workmanship, has overlapping availability and is willing to carpool with you. Alternatively, you could get a ride to the job site from your parents or borrow a car from a buddy. Public transportation is an option too.
After you’ve worked several jobs as a helper, you will become an eligible candidate for being a crew leader. This role is reserved for those who are good communicators and have an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. Crew leaders tend to get offered more work opportunities so if you’re looking for regular hours, then becoming crew leader is a good position to strive toward.
We can work around whatever availability you have. Some individuals work close to full-time (40 hours per week) but many only work part-time (weekends only). It’s not uncommon for someone to have a full-time job elsewhere and just pick up some extra shifts through His Workmanship here and there. In short, this can be a side gig serving as supplemental income for some, or it can be a core source of income with regular hours for others. The choice is yours!

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