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6 Bags to Consider Using for Hauling Away Yard Waste

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Consider 5 aspects about yard waste bags

1) Durable Material: Look for bags made from sturdy and durable materials, such as thick polypropylene. This will help prevent tears and leaks, especially if you’re dealing with sharp or heavy yard waste.
2) Handles: Bags with reinforced handles or sturdy carrying straps make it easier to transport the filled bags without risking a mess or straining your back. Having durable material will help with this!
3) Collapsible Design: Opt for bags that can be collapsed or folded when not in use. This makes make storage much more convenient.
4) Biodegradable Options: If you’re environmentally conscious, consider biodegradable bags. These bags break down naturally over time, reducing environmental impact.
5) Cost: Compare prices and read reviews to find a balance between affordability and quality. Sometimes a slightly higher upfront cost can save you money in the long run if the bags last longer. Customer reviews can also provide insights into the real-world performance of the bags and recognizing if the cost is worth it.

6 best bags for removal of yard waste

1) Hefty

Hefty is known for its toughness and durable trash bags and they offer a great “Lawn and Leaf” trash bag.

2) Fiskars

Fiskars produces a range of tools and accessories including reusable and sturdy yard waste bags. If you’re looking to use a long-lasting and reliable bag, this is it!

3) Husky Drawstring Trash Bags

Husky is known for heavy-duty bags. Choose drawstring trash bags for easy closure and convenient transportation of yard waste.

4) BioBag Compostable Bags

If you prefer an eco-friendly option, BioBag offers compostable bags made from plant-based materials. These bags are suitable for collecting yard waste that can be composted.

5) Glad ForceFlex Extra Strong Outdoor Trash Bags

Glad’s ForceFlex technology provides extra strength and flexibility, making these bags a good choice for outdoor use and the rigors of yard waste removal.

6) Lowe's/Home Depot Brand

Often, store brands at large home improvement retailers offer reliable options for yard waste bags. These may be labeled with the store’s name and are worth checking if you’re looking to cut down on cost!
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