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4 Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Spring [Quick Cheat Sheet]

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As the winter months drag on, daydreaming about spring comes naturally. Put that dreaming and anticipation to good use by doing what you can now to make sure you’re ready when the last frost is gone and it’s prime time to plant flowers in your garden!


It might seem like forever ago, but try to think back to your flower garden beds from last year. Were there any plants that will need TLC to thrive again? Did you have good distribution of color and flowers in bloom throughout the year? Are there gaps that need to be filled with new plants? Looking back will help guide your plans for what bulbs, seeds, and other plants to buy with this new season.


There are a number of bulbs and seeds like lilies, gladioli, and ranunculi that you can order online now—without even needing to go to a plant nursery nearby. Doing this will not only shorten your gardening to-do list for later but also help you beat the rush and ensure that the bulbs and seeds you want are still in stock. Starting seedlings indoors might also be an option depending on what you are planning to plant—the classic example is tomatoes. Unfortunately, the perennials will need to wait for spring to come.


If you are buying bulbs or other plants that you’re not familiar with, start researching tips for planting now while you’re stuck indoors. From your findings, you can make a quick “cheat sheet” for easy reference when it’s warm enough to plant. If you are just sprucing up your garden beds with minor changes, your planning should be a breeze. However, if you are dreaming up a bigger project, there are other factors you should keep in mind like sun vs. shade areas, water drainage, any need to form the land, etc.
You will also thank yourself later if you create a shopping list of fertilizers, tools, and other materials that you will need to buy. For non-perishable supplies, you might as well buy them now so that you have everything you need on hand. Menards and Home Depot offer a great selection.


Speaking of tools, you should be thinking about the tools that you will need for planting. Do any of your tools need to be replaced? Do any of them need to be disinfected and sharpened? Cleaning tools (like secateurs, shovels, and loppers) is important to ensure that bacteria or fungi are not spread when planting and pruning your plants. Maintaining your tools by cleaning and oiling them will also help them last longer and do their job better to save your pocket and your back. Watch this video to learn more about how to clean your garden tools.
As you can see, there is plenty of planning and preparing that you can do even if you’re stuck indoors and still have snow on the ground. Enjoy the process of preparation fueled by your dreams of spring!