His Workmanship

Getting To Know Our Crews [Part 4]

This is the fourth blog in a 8-part series that allows you to get to know our college workers here at His Workmanship. Each blog begins with a video featuring the worker you will be learning about. The video contains on-site footage of work being done as well as interactions with the customer.

Below the video will be a couple facts you might find interesting about Daniel, our featured worker for this week. The purpose of this blog series is to give customers a glimpse into the culture we’ve sought to create at His Workmanship. This culture is formed around our mission.


Daniel met Eric at Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka. Eric was one of the youth group leaders who took an interest in starting a brotherly relationship together. They enjoyed meeting up together on a number of occasions. They spent some time in prayer and talking about spiritual matters.

One interesting fact about Daniel is that he grew up in Nepal because his parents did work there. Now that he lives in the united states he is technically called a TCK which means “third culture kid”. There are many things Daniel misses about Nepal but he is also glad to be in the united states.


“His Workmanship was a great way for me to build both work and leadership experience. I was able to work with friends and make good money while doing it. One of my favorite parts was the variety of people I was able to meet and interact with. Whether you want to build your resume or just make make some money with your friends this job is a great fit.”