His Workmanship

Getting To Know Our Crews [Part 2]

This is the second blog in a 8-part series that allows you to get to know our college workers here at His Workmanship. Each blog begins with a video featuring the worker you will be learning about. The video contains on-site footage of work being done as well as interactions with the customer.

Below the video will be a couple facts you might find interesting about Mike, our featured worker for this week. The purpose of this blog series is to give customers a glimpse into the culture we’ve sought to create at His Workmanship. This culture is formed around our mission.


Mike graduated from Crown College in 2009. Back in college, he became friends with the owner of His Workmanship, Eric. They have been best of friends ever since. They’ve spent plenty of time playing frisbee golf together. He drove all the way to Wheaton Illinois to attend Eric’s wedding in 2016. He likes to serve his friends by driving them around places because they don’t have transportation of their own.

What does Mike like to do in his free time? Well, he loves to go hunting with his dad and brothers. He occasionally enjoys going to the casino (and wasting away his hard earned money). He plays poker with his buddies once a week. He wants to use his life to help others somehow. He joined His Workmanship back in 2010 and is the longest worker this company has ever seen. He aspires to get involved in a career of counseling where he can mentor younger guys who suffer with mental health problems.


“One aspect of working for His Workmanship that I enjoy is being able to work outside and get my hands dirty. We always get a variety of jobs, from trimming bushes and raking lawns, to moving couches, dressers, and other household items. There’s never a boring day at His Workmanship because there’s always something new to take on. Overall, I’ve enjoyed working because of the relationships, the variety of manual labor jobs, and the additional money that it provides me with for gas, food, and other college-related expenses.”