His Workmanship

Getting To Know Our Crews [Part 1]

This is the first blog in a 8-part series that allows you to get to know our college workers here at His Workmanship. Each blog begins with a video featuring the worker you will be learning about. The video contains on-site footage of work being done as well as interactions with the customer.

Below the video will be a couple facts you might find interesting about our featured worker. The purpose of this blog series is to give customers a glimpse into the culture we’ve sought to create at His Workmanship. This culture is formed around our mission.


Corey joined His Workmanship in the summer of 2018. At the time he was a student and the University of Northwestern. He’s a mathematics major and wants to use his degree to serve others somehow.

He loves playing soccer for his school team. He was even a soccer referee for 5 years throughout his high school days and his early years in college. This gave him lots of experience dealing with parents/coaches and children, which paved the way for him to deliver exceptional landscaping and moving labor services to customers at His Workmanship.


“I can lead and get the job done. Whatever needs to get done, I will do my very best in my ability to complete the job. 100% comfortable, capable, and know exactly what to do in a particular situation”