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His Workmanship offers landscaping services and yard work. Click on the green service titles below to learn more about each service we provide. Our rates start at $100 per hour for 2 landscapers. New customers can read Ephesians 2:1-10 to receive a $20 discount. Details are on the final step of the contact form.

His Workmanship is a landscaping company in Bloomington

We’ve got your landscaping project taken care of anywhere in Bloomington. Check out the map below to view our service area in Bloomington. We dump the yard waste at Gertens which is right on Yankee Doodle road.
Do you have garden beds completely overridden with weeds? Are you tired of removing weeds month after month? Do you wish your weeds would just go away and never come back? Then don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Our gardeners love pulling weeds and doing garden cleanup. We’ve been trained to know the difference between a weed and a plant. We know how to get rid of weeds quickly. We are a weed control service with low hourly rates.
Did you recently look out the window to see that your front and back yard is, once again, covered with leaves? You love the trees but hate the recurring yard cleanup. Why bend over yourself when you can hire us to do it for you? Our workers are prepared to break our backs to complete your leaf removal project. We can bring leaf blowers and rakes to do your spring cleanup or fall cleanup. His Workmanship is the leaf raking service you’ve been looking for.
Do your bushes need some trimming? Do some of your hedges look like they are having a bad hair day, except it’s more like a few months rather than one day? The solution is straightforward: your hedges need a haircut! Our trimming crew can be the “hair barbers” your shrubs need to start looking neat and clean again. Our landscapers will arrive with trimmers and loppers to prune the excess growth off your shrubs to get them straightened out again.
Are you tired of the drawbacks of landscape rock and considering installing mulch instead? Has it been more than 3 years since you’ve added mulch to your garden beds? If so, you’ve stumbled across the perfect solution! His Workmanship offers mulching services near you! Our mulchers have years of experience installing mulch and spreading wood chips. We can bring wheelbarrows and scoop shovels to install loose mulch or the kind in plastic bags.
Do you need some hostas transplanted? How about new flowers and perennials to plant in the spring or fall? We’ve got you covered! The customer needs to choose what types of plants they want, pick them up from the local nursery and decide where they’d like them planted. Then our landscapers will do the rest. When it comes to the labor of digging and installing plants, our gardeners are very skilled. Sit back and relax while we get your planting project done.
Do you need trenching for a sprinkler system? How about regrading the yard because of a water drainage problem? Perhaps you need a french drain installed or just some good ole fashioned digging to remove bush root balls. Whatever your situation may be, if you need hand digging, then we’re your guys! Save your back the pain and spare yourself from breaking a sweat. Our college student landscapers will bring shovels and come ready to get dirty.
Are you tired of mulch spilling over into your grass? Are you sick of the lawn mower damaging your plastic edging and ready to replace that with paver bullet edging? Your work is our reward! Our crews have years of experience installing new edging, whether that be pavers or plastic. You’ll need to provide the edging materials and we’ll bring everything needed to separate your grass from your garden beds. We can get that border edging installed for you pronto.
Did you just buy a house where the yard has only dirt? Does your lawn have lots of dandelions and you just wanna start over? Sounds like a daunting project… but His Workmanship is up for the task! You’d need to order the rolls of sod from your local supplier. Our landscapers will bring the tools necessary to do the sod installation. We’ll get those rolls of grass on your yard in no time. Sod replacement and resodding lawns is one of our favorite projects!
Have you been aware buckthorn is in your woods but have procrastinated on removing it? If it’s been a few years, the buckthorn seedlings have likely grown into small trees. It’d be smart to tackle them now before the buckthorn grows to beyond 3 inches in diameter. The good news is our landscaping crews are experienced with clearing buckthorn. In fact, we specialize in eradicating buckthorn and applying herbicide on the stems.
Did your neighbors swap out their rock for mulch which then sparked your interest in doing the same thing on your property? If you’re up for the challenge then more power to ya, but there aren’t many outdoor tasks more labor intensive than removing rock. If you have some extra money saved up, it’s worth looking at hiring a rock removal company. His Workmanship is one of the cheapest and most affordable rock hauling services near you.
Did you order 12 cubic yards of rock but choose to opt-out of installing it yourself once you saw the size of the rock pile? Maybe knew from the get-go that you’d need to hire some young bucks to do the heavy lifting. In either case, His Workmanship is here to help. Our college landscapers have the strong backs and youthful stamina needed to install landscape rock for hours on end. So you can take it easy while we carry heavy loads doing your rock installation project.
Did you know that the most cost-effective solution for adding “livable” square footage to your property is by building a patio? It’s true! And just think about all the ways you can use that extra living space to add real value to your family and your guests. But who can offer patio install help near you? We can! Simply purchase the materials, configure your patio design, and our hardscapers will take care of all the heavy labor.
Did you know that retaining walls prevent erosion? They keep the soil from moving which preserves your landscaping. Retaining walls also add a beautiful backdrop for gardens with shrubs and flowers. But is the thought of building a retaining wall from scratch a little daunting? If so, we can help! Our crews are not professional hardscapers, but we are experienced with the basics of installing a retaining wall. We can help with the manual labor while you oversee the work.
Retaining Wall

Hear what a customer says

“Eric was quick to respond to my emails and got me on the schedule right away. I had a huge landscape project that ended up taking well over 100 hours of labor. Each of the crews showed up on time and worked very hard shoveling river rock. I would highly recommend His Workmanship” – Candy
His Workmanship
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Michelle FryeMichelle Frye
16:00 15 Nov 21
The guys were great and arrived on time. Very hard workers and kind. Would definitely recommend this company!
Marianne KramerMarianne Kramer
22:25 13 Nov 21
Both individuals were professional and efficient. I appreciated their efforts.
Sharon JerniganSharon Jernigan
23:12 08 Sep 21
The young men who worked for me today are friendly , thoughtful, and very hard workers. They work quickly and work well as a team. I really like that they enjoy each other's company and have a good time while they work. An upbeat attitude really contributes to a great overall experience for me as well as the workers. I am very glad I discovered His Workmanship, and loved meeting these fine young men. I would highly recommend these guys for your project.
Arika DainesArika Daines
19:54 29 Jul 21
I was very impressed with how quickly and thoroughly our workers tackled weeding all of our flower beds. They also removed several bushes and a small tree easily within the allotted time. Both were very professional and punctual. I highly recommend!
Amanda LawsonAmanda Lawson
12:47 12 May 21
I had too many weeds and not enough help to get them all on my own. His Workmanship provided me with 2 young men who showed up to tackle the project. They both worked quickly and diligently. I was impressed by their knowledge and was surprised at how much they got accomplished in the time they had! Weed screening and mulch was placed down and some edging was done. My flower bed is ready to flourish now! I couldn’t be happier!!!!

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His Workmanship is a Christian company

Our mission is to glorify God as we embody the gospel through our hard labor and our honest behavior. Our desire is to bring satisfaction to the customer as they seek to improve their property. We also desire to facilitate growth for students as they experience the business world from a Christian perspective.

Hear what a provider says

“Hi, my name is Mike and this is my 8th summer with His Workmanship. I’ve been good friends with the owner ever since our college days. Eric has been a good friend but an even better boss. He has given me many pay raises and end of the summer bonuses. He works with my schedule and gives me time off to rest. I cannot recommend His Workmanship enough.”

Fun facts about Bloomington

Bloomington is home to the largest enclosed shopping center in the US, the Mall of America and the only IKEA in Minnesota. The headquarters of HealthPartners and Toro, and major operations of Seagate Technologies and Wells Fargo Bank are also based in Bloomington. Click here to learn more about Bloomington schools, utilities and parks.

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