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His Workmanship offers landscaping services and yard work. Click on the green service titles below to learn more about each service we provide. Our rates start at $100 per hour for 2 landscapers. New customers can read Ephesians 2:1-10 to receive a $20 discount. Details are on the final step of the contact form.

His Workmanship is a landscaping company in Fishers

We’ve got your landscaping project taken care of anywhere in Fishers. Check out the map below to view our service area in Fishers. We dump the yard waste at South Side Landfill Inc which is on Kentucky Ave or at Greencycle which is on West Troy Ave.
Do you have garden beds completely overridden with weeds? Are you tired of removing weeds month after month? Do you wish your weeds would just go away and never come back? Then don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Our gardeners love pulling weeds and doing garden cleanup. We’ve been trained to know the difference between a weed and a plant. We know how to get rid of weeds quickly. We are a weed control service with low hourly rates.
Did you recently look out the window to see that your front and back yard is, once again, covered with leaves? You love the trees but hate the recurring yard cleanup. Why bend over yourself when you can hire us to do it for you? Our workers are prepared to break our backs to complete your leaf removal project. We can bring leaf blowers and rakes to do your spring cleanup or fall cleanup. His Workmanship is the leaf raking service you’ve been looking for.
Do your bushes need some trimming? Do some of your hedges look like they are having a bad hair day, except it’s more like a few months rather than one day? The solution is straightforward: your hedges need a haircut! Our trimming crew can be the “hair barbers” your shrubs need to start looking neat and clean again. Our landscapers will arrive with trimmers and loppers to prune the excess growth off your shrubs to get them straightened out again.
Are you tired of the drawbacks of landscape rock and considering installing mulch instead? Has it been more than 3 years since you’ve added mulch to your garden beds? If so, you’ve stumbled across the perfect solution! His Workmanship offers mulching services near you! Our mulchers have years of experience installing mulch and spreading wood chips. We can bring wheelbarrows and scoop shovels to install loose mulch or the kind in plastic bags.
Do you need some hostas transplanted? How about new flowers and perennials to plant in the spring or fall? We’ve got you covered! The customer needs to choose what types of plants they want, pick them up from the local nursery and decide where they’d like them planted. Then our landscapers will do the rest. When it comes to the labor of digging and installing plants, our gardeners are very skilled. Sit back and relax while we get your planting project done.
Do you need trenching for a sprinkler system? How about regrading the yard because of a water drainage problem? Perhaps you need a french drain installed or just some good ole fashioned digging to remove bush root balls. Whatever your situation may be, if you need hand digging, then we’re your guys! Save your back the pain and spare yourself from breaking a sweat. Our college student landscapers will bring shovels and come ready to get dirty.
Are you tired of mulch spilling over into your grass? Are you sick of the lawn mower damaging your plastic edging and ready to replace that with paver bullet edging? Your work is our reward! Our crews have years of experience installing new edging, whether that be pavers or plastic. You’ll need to provide the edging materials and we’ll bring everything needed to separate your grass from your garden beds. We can get that border edging installed for you pronto.
Did you just buy a house where the yard has only dirt? Does your lawn have lots of dandelions and you just wanna start over? Sounds like a daunting project… but His Workmanship is up for the task! You’d need to order the rolls of sod from your local supplier. Our landscapers will bring the tools necessary to do the sod installation. We’ll get those rolls of grass on your yard in no time. Sod replacement and resodding lawns is one of our favorite projects!
Have you been aware buckthorn is in your woods but have procrastinated on removing it? If it’s been a few years, the buckthorn seedlings have likely grown into small trees. It’d be smart to tackle them now before the buckthorn grows to beyond 3 inches in diameter. The good news is our landscaping crews are experienced with clearing buckthorn. In fact, we specialize in eradicating buckthorn and applying herbicide on the stems.
Did your neighbors swap out their rock for mulch which then sparked your interest in doing the same thing on your property? If you’re up for the challenge then more power to ya, but there aren’t many outdoor tasks more labor intensive than removing rock. If you have some extra money saved up, it’s worth looking at hiring a rock removal company. His Workmanship is one of the cheapest and most affordable rock hauling services near you.
Did you order 12 cubic yards of rock but choose to opt-out of installing it yourself once you saw the size of the rock pile? Maybe knew from the get-go that you’d need to hire some young bucks to do the heavy lifting. In either case, His Workmanship is here to help. Our college landscapers have the strong backs and youthful stamina needed to install landscape rock for hours on end. So you can take it easy while we carry heavy loads doing your rock installation project.
Did you know that the most cost-effective solution for adding “livable” square footage to your property is by building a patio? It’s true! And just think about all the ways you can use that extra living space to add real value to your family and your guests. But who can offer patio install help near you? We can! Simply purchase the materials, configure your patio design, and our hardscapers will take care of all the heavy labor.
Did you know that retaining walls prevent erosion? They keep the soil from moving which preserves your landscaping. Retaining walls also add a beautiful backdrop for gardens with shrubs and flowers. But is the thought of building a retaining wall from scratch a little daunting? If so, we can help! Our crews are not professional hardscapers, but we are experienced with the basics of installing a retaining wall. We can help with the manual labor while you oversee the work.
Retaining Wall

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“I heard about His Workmanship through a google search online and I’m so thankful that I did. Eric was quick to respond to my emails and got me on the schedule right away. I had a huge landscape project that ended up taking well over 100 hours of labor. Each of the crews showed up on time and worked very hard shoveling river rock. I would highly recommend His Workmanship.” – Candy
His Workmanship
Based on 1668 reviews
Very professional and conscientious team! I look forward to working with His Workmanship on future projects.
These guys are awesome! On time, got down to business right away, loaded the truck carefully and with thought. Highly recommend.
Fast, efficient, friendly, thorough and very reasonably priced. Will use them again. - Nick
The guys showed up early, worked hard without a break, and did a wonderful job. Our yard looks amazing now and they saved us hours of backbreaking work. Best money I've spent in a while.
This was my first time hiring His Workmanship. I will definitely use them again. Grant and Bryant were on time and called ahead to check due to bad weather. Their work was outstanding! Thank you so much.
Great service, Great job! Will hire again
I was very pleased with the workmanship and integrity of this group! Mason and Gavin were committed to doing a good job of clearing a heavily weeded area with decorative rock and lots of dirt beneath to put down a new fabric barrier. They then replaced the decorative rocks. They did a great job and I am happy with the outcome! I would not hesitate to recommend this group to others needing hard tasks accomplished.
Showed up on time- worked hard and very conscientious! Will use them again! Worth every dollar
showed up on timedid the best they couldcleaned up after themselvesvery respectfulvery good for projects that could use a few extra hands
Wonderful company! Great crew! Will definitely use again.
We're very professional and friendly Did a great job . Left yard looking great. Would hire again and again Thank You
His Workmanship was excellent to work with. The two guys that were sent to help with our move were prompt and very courteous. They worked hard the whole time. I would definitely recommend this company when you need someone to help load a truck!
Scott and his team did a really good job getting me moved into my new home. They showed up for work on time and were very courteous and professional, I look forward to the next time I use their services again.Thanks Team!!!!
Great experience with His Workmanship. They responded to my request promptly, got me scheduled quickly, and then sent a great crew that worked diligently to finish a yard project that we needed help with. Would certainly recommend, and also consider using again.
The crew arrived earlier than I had planned but got started working anyway and were already working on the areas that I needed done. The two men were very pleasant and friendly. They did everything I asked and put and wheelbarrows back where they belonged. Will definitely use them again!
I would highly recommend this team! I sent in an email request and heard back from them in less than 24 hours for a quote. Very pleased with their landscaping work and communication.
The boys who came to weed for me were so pleasant and got right to work. They even continued working as it started to rain. I had plenty of tools, but Logan came prepared with plenty of his own tools along with a wheelbarrow! I would like to have them back as I had a long list of items needing attention, but the 3 hours were up and more rain was predicted. I will be calling on them again.
great job.wonderful young people
Nick and Tanner were just so professional, on-time, very pleasant to speak with and ready to get instructions on the work they needed to perform. Their performance was amazing. They even asked if there was anything else I needed them to do. I give His Workman, Nick and Tanner high a 10-star recommendation. Thank you, Eric, because my customer service experience was wonderful from the very beginning in speaking with you. His Workmanship is definitely worth using for your next project. I definitely will contact them for mine.
We needed rock removed from garden bed. They did a great job. I would definitely recommend these guys.

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Frequently asked questions about landscaping costs

Bigger landscape companies tend to charge based on the project size by giving an onsite estimate that includes a flat fee bid. This bid typically covers everything including labor, materials and other expenses. There is usually a small fee for this visit but that charge is waived if you decide to hire that specific landscaping company. On the other hand, smaller landscape companies charge by the hour and don’t usually offer an onsite consultation. They may request pictures or a video instead, and then discuss what they see with the customer during a phone call. This gives the landscape contractor the information they need to determine a fair hourly wage for your specific yard work.
You can expect to spend at least $250 for your most basic yard tasks such as gardening help. Skilled landscape labor like patio installation can cost up to ten times that amount so you’d be looking at a $25,000 bill. Other landscape services will fall somewhere within this range. Planting bushes can cost around $1,000 for labor and materials. An average size retaining wall will run you between $8,000 and $12,000. As a general rule, the lower the skill the cheaper the cost, and the higher the skill the more expensive the cost. In order to get the best deal, you should try to find a smaller company for the little projects and a bigger company for the large projects. To learn more, read my blog How Much do Landscapers Cost? Complete Guide with 2024 Data.
For smaller projects that involve unskilled labor, consider hiring younger individuals like students from high school or college. This will save you money since their prices will often be much cheaper. Examples of low-skill yard work include pulling weeds, raking leaves and mowing lawns. You should avoid using this shopping strategy for bigger more complicated projects such as retaining walls, patio installs and water features. Why? Because you don’t want to run the risk of a botched project. It’s not worth saving a couple bucks if that means you’ll need to redo the whole job because it wasn’t done professionally. In fact, that’ll cost you even more than if you would’ve just gone with the more expensive estimate in the first place. Don’t forget to know the distinctions between Landscaping vs. Lawn Care: What’s the Big Difference?
Landscape companies charge based on an hourly rate or a flat fee. There are pros and cons for each of these pricing structures; neither one is inherently better than the other. The pay-as-you-go aspect of hourly labor ensures that the time worked corresponds with the cost paid. This promotes fairness so long as the landscapers have integrity and don’t “milk the clock.” The benefit of a flat fee is that you know exactly what the cost will be prior to hiring the landscape service, which will help you budget for your project. However, the downside is that the customer is usually required to make a 25% deposit. Plus, hidden fees may arise once the landscaping project gets underway since it’s impossible for the landscaper to account for unknown variables on the front end.
Not all landscape companies collect a deposit up front but many of them do. The ones that don’t are usually a one-man show or a very small business. If there is a pre-existing relationship between the business and the customer, this may also be a good reason to waive the deposit. The rationale for collecting a down payment boils down to one major thing: mutual commitment. You can trust the landscaper to show up and perform the yard work as promised. The landscaper can trust the customer to follow through with the handshake agreement and not cancel the service request. Deposits are generally around 10% to 20% of the total landscape project cost and they are almost always non-refundable.
Most landscaping companies will have a minimum fee, which can range from $250 to $500. This number will vary based on factors such as: how busy they are, how many staff are available, how far away the job is, how complex the project is, the size of the job, etc. Minimum charges are often scorned by prospective customers since they feel it’s unfair to decline a job on the basis of its size. However, it’s standard practice for home service businesses to filter through small tasks that aren’t worth the time spent. The fact of the matter is that landscape companies don’t have infinite resources and unlimited bandwidth. So they need some type of strategic criteria that will allow them to sift through yard jobs that have lower profit margins and demand higher resources.
Negotiating a better price from the landscape company without any concrete rationale is probably not your best option. That tends to backfire for a variety of reasons. Here are two more winsome options for you to consider that have better odds for reducing the cost. Offer to purchase the materials and get them delivered yourself. This strategy is particularly helpful for landscape installation jobs like plants, mulch, rock or sod. Alternatively, you could offer to handle the disposal of the yard waste yourself. You can repurpose the excess soil by making a berm or haul the brush pile to the local landfill in your truck/trailer. Both of these options will actually make life easier for the landscaper which will incline them to accept your proposal and lower the overall price for your yard work.
First and foremost, it needs to be stated that tips are optional not obligatory. Tips should not be given out willy nilly; they should be earned by hard work. The customer reserves the right to withhold a tip if they have good reason to believe that the work was subpar. Valid reasons for refusing to tip are as follows: workers show up late, check their phone often, take too many breaks, pull out your plants, damage your current landscaping, cut corners, use profane language, etc. That said, if the yard work performed exceeds expectations, then a 10% to 20% tip is a reasonable amount. In this regard, the landscape industry is similar to the restaurant industry. Working outside through rainy weather or scorching heat warrant a higher than average tip.
If you don’t feel comfortable doing yard work yourself, then you should hire a landscaping company to do it for you. Don’t just hire the cheapest company because there may be a reason why their prices are so low. During your conversation with the landscape consultant, make sure to ask good questions so you have adequate knowledge to make an informed decision. You should try to get a ballpark estimate on the total cost for your yard work. In order to get a quote, you’ll likely need to provide information about where you live and what you need done as well as your budget. Beyond the aforementioned, here are 12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Landscapers. His Workmanship connects residential homeowners with affordable landscapers. Click here to get a free online estimate.

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Select the services that best align with your needs and describe the details of your project to help us get a better idea of the scope of work. Feel free to upload pictures so your crew can visualize your specific needs.

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Our staff guarantees a reply to all emails within 24 hours. Once you get scheduled, you'll get a confirmation email with your service provider names as well as a text notification 1 hour before your project starts.

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Equipment in hand, your crew will arrive a few minutes early so they can collaborate with you about the work that needs to be done. Once they finish, you can pay the total bill directly to the crew leader. It's as simple as that!

His Workmanship is a Christian company

Our mission is to glorify God as we embody the gospel through our hard labor and our honest behavior. Our desire is to bring satisfaction to the customer as they seek to improve their property. We also desire to facilitate growth for students as they experience the business world from a Christian perspective.

Fun facts about Fishers

In 1802, William Conner settled what is now Fishers. Conner built a log cabin and a trading post along the White River. The land that Conner settled is now known as Conner Prairie and is preserved as a living history museum. Fishers is home to Symphony on the Prairie, a summer concert series that takes place at Conner Prairie, presented by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Fishers has two annual festivals: Spark!Fishers and the Fishers Renaissance Faire. Learn more about Fishers schools, utilities and parks.
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My name is Mike and this is my eighth summer since joining the His Workmanship network. I’ve been good friends with the owner ever since our college days. Our relationship has grown over the years and I felt very respected throughout the whole process. I can work when I want to work and I can take off however many days I need to rest. I would highly recommend for college students to get connected with the team at His Workmanship.

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