Moving Job in Detroit

His Workmanship is currently hiring for a few open moving positions. Scroll down to learn more about the application process, benefits and qualifications, testimonial videos from a previous worker and customer, services we offer, our mission statement and much more.

Great Money

Earn between $25 - $35 per hour,
paid directly to you after each job.

Flexible Schedule

Work weekends or weekdays,
whenever it fits your schedule.

Work with Friends

Recruit the buddies whom
you'd like to join your crew.

1. Complete the application process over the internet

Once you apply online, you'll be contacted via email with further information. After you read through company procedures, you'll need to pass a quiz, watch tutorial videos and do a phone interview with the owner.

2. Claim the jobs you want as they become available

Once you're in our system, you'll be offered project requests by text messages. General details about the job will be provided so that you can accept the jobs that best suit your preferences, skillset and availability.

3. Get paid after each job directly from the customer

Since His Workmanship is a lead generation company, you'll be responsible for collecting payment from the customer and distributing it accordingly. So you'll need to have a variety of payment methods available.

Worker Qualifications

Hear what a worker says

“My name is Corey and I heard about His Workmanship from my soccer coach at Northwestern. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most is meeting so many different customers for each project. The pay is great too!”

Hear what a customer says

“I’m super excited we hired His Workmanship for our move today. All four college movers showed up on time and got right to lifting our heavy items. What caught my attention most was the Christian mission of the company. As a believer myself I felt at peace scheduling movers who I knew I could definitely trust. I have already recommended His Workmanship and will continue to do so.” – Lori

Moving services we offer

Average pay per moving job

Hourly Rate
Travel Compensation

Hiring movers to serve Detroit and beyond

Most customers we serve live in the greater Detroit metro area. They are typically responsible for providing the moving truck which is rented from the U-Haul located near them. The movers handle the labor portion of the job, which involves loading and/or unloading the truck. Occasionally the moving job entails in-home rearranging of furniture so a truck isn’t necessary.

Designate your travel radius

Each worker is able to specify the maximum distance they are willing to travel for jobs. But bear in mind, the further you’re willing to drive, the more opportunities you’ll have to work. Oh, and don’t forget, there will be adequate gas compensation for each job so the further you drive, the more you’ll be reimbursed for fuel.

Highlights of Detroit

Large concerts are held at DTE Energy Music Theatre. Important music events in the city include the Detroit International Jazz Festival. Major theaters in Detroit include the Fox Theatre. Annual summer events include the Electronic Music Festival. An important civic sculpture in Detroit is The Spirit of Detroit by Marshall Fredericks at the Coleman Young Municipal Center.

His Workmanship is a Christian company

Our mission is to glorify God as we embody the gospel through our hard labor and our honest behavior. Our desire is to bring satisfaction to the customer as they seek to improve their property. We also desire to facilitate growth for students as they experience the business world from a Christian perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

The more experience you have with moving heavy items the better but you can be hired with no moving experience at all. Further, valid experience doesn’t have to be working with a professional moving company. It’s just as valuable if you’ve helped your family relocate furniture in the living room or shuffled around beds and dressers in your dorm room. No moving service we offer requires a high skill level, so being physically strong and having smarts with how to pack trucks (think tetris) are what we look for in a qualified mover.
Unloading a moving truck or storage container tend to be the most popular. Jobs that you’ll come by the least often are full service moves where we provide the truck and equipment. Occasionally there will be jobs that involve loading at one location and unloading at another but that’s not all that popular either. Don’t fret if you haven’t done these things before because the crew leader will provide guidance on best practices.
For moving jobs, no equipment is necessary to bring. The customer is typically responsible for providing the moving truck. They will usually have all their belongings boxed up, labeled and ready for you to move. If you happen to have access to a utility dolly or moving straps, then you can feel free to bring those along with you to make lifting heavier items go smoothly.
The crew leader will pay your cut immediately after the job is done, prior to your departure from the job site. Sometimes this will be in cash, but often a payment app will be used. So it’s important for you to have a smart phone and access to the following apps: Venmo, Zelle, Cash App and PayPal.
Since you are essentially your own boss, you get to determine what jobs you claim based on your preferences. You can take into account the customers proximity to your location. For example, if you are only willing to drive 30 miles from your home, then that’s totally fine. A 5 mile maximum travel radius is acceptable too, however, bear in mind that the further you’re willing to travel, the more opportunities will be made available to you.
Each driver always gets at least $10 in gas reimbursement for each project. Even if a customer lives 5 miles away, you’ll still get $10 for travel compensation. The default is to charge the customer $10 in travel fees for each worker. However, when jobs are further away (such as 30+ miles) then the amount reimbursed goes up accordingly. If you carpool with other workers, then the driver will get more gas money.
If you don’t have access to reliable transportation, then joining His Workmanship likely won’t be a good fit. However, in some instances it can work out, like if you have a roommate or friend nearby who joined His Workmanship, has overlapping availability and is willing to carpool with you. Alternatively, you could get a ride to the job site from your parents or borrow a car from a buddy. Public transportation is an option too.
After you’ve worked several jobs as a helper, you will become an eligible candidate for being a crew leader. This role is reserved for those who are good communicators and have an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. Crew leaders tends to get offered more work opportunities so if you’re looking for regular hours, then becoming crew leader is a good position to strive toward.
We can work around whatever availability you have. Some people work near full-time (40 hours per week) and others work part-time (weekends only). It’s not uncommon for someone to have a full-time job elsewhere and just pick up some extra shifts at His Workmanship here and there. In short, this can be a side gig serving as supplemental income for some, or it can be a primary source of income with regular hours for others. The choice is yours!

Are you ready to apply for a moving job?