Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

Why should I use His Workmanship for my labor project?

His Workmanship is a simple and affordable alternative to expensive landscaping and moving companies. You can book your project with the owner in less than 24 hours. You only pay for the time the laborers are actually working.

How is His Workmanship different than other landscape and moving companies?

What makes our workforce so unique is that it’s made up of college students and graduates from Christian colleges in your area. We hand-select each worker accepted onto our platform through a personal screening process.

Are you local to me?

His Workmanship operates in the Midwest. See all locations we currently service.

How far is His Workmanship willing to travel?

We usually try to keep the jobs within a 30-mile radius of our starting location. We’re willing to travel further but would charge extra for gas mileage and travel time.

What labor services do you offer?

His Workmanship specializes in landscaping and moving. Visit our services page for more information.

How does “pay-as-you-go” work?

While there is a minimum charge per hour, you’ll only pay for the time that His Workmanship actually works beyond that. We charge in 15-minute increments. This means that if your project only takes 3 hours, then that’s all you pay for. You don’t pay anything until the workers are finished for the day.

Are you insured for damaged items?

No. However, if anything gets damaged the owner will work out a reasonable amount to recompensate you for the broken items. The amount will be refunded after the payment.

What if my project cannot be completed in one day?

No problem. We do multi-day projects all the time. The owner will make sure to send the same crew on back-to- back days if you anticipate the job taking more than 1 day.

When do I pay the crew leader?

You’ll pay the crew leader directly after they finish up for the day. Please have cash ready.

What is a standard tip amount?

The average tip amount is anywhere from 5% to 20%. This isn’t required, but is appreciated.

Landscaping questions

Will you create a professional garden design?

No. Sorry we cannot offer written designs for laying out your garden beds. However, the crew leader is able to offer suggestions and brainstorm ideas with you about design elements.

Will the workers know the difference between a weed and a plant?

Yes. They are trained in how to distinguish a weed and a plant. However, they may still ask you for clarification about what exactly you want kept and what you want removed.

Moving questions

Will His Workmanship provide the moving truck?

No. Sorry we do not offer this service.

What is the biggest move you can handle?

While we are best suited for small to medium scale moves, we have done up to 4 bedroom
houses before.

Will I pay for travel time between locations?

Yes. The clock begins when His Workmanship arrives at the first location and ends when they finish unloading at the second location.

What items will you not move?

Most anything over 500 pound we will not be able to move. This usually includes gun safes, grand pianos and pinball machines.

Can you install or uninstall my appliances?

No. Sorry we do not offer this service.